Proper Move is UKís most comprehensive property search engine with easiest features. You can refine and customise your search to specific location, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, price range or view the selection of estate agents. We daily update all our property listings. We have a wide range of properties available for sale and for rent all around the UK, flats, studios, terrace, townhouses, villas, warehouses, vacant land and many more. Use our online property finder tool to discover a desired property in your area. If you canít find the property you are looking for, we are always available here to assist you. Give us a call at 020 7438 2042.

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Help & FAQ

How to use propermove.comPropermove  has been helping home movers like you find new places to live for the past few years. Every day, over 1000 properties are available on the site. These properties are updated several times a day, to insure that you always have the latest information at your fingertips.

Find homes

You can search for homes via searchingOn the left hand side select your criteria for homes: For “Search For”, select Buy, Rent or New HomesFor “Type”, Select Number of bedrooms, minimum and maximum.For “Location” select location you would like to search forFor “Area Code” enter postcodeFor “Price Range” select the min and max price you would like properties to fall withinFinally click on Search to view the results and click on the results page, click on each property to view more information. In the Buy / Rent section you can search for properties in a particular area.


Why don’t all the properties have full details and photos?

While Propermove encourages all our agents to provide us full property details with as much information as possible, not all of our member agents are able and some choose not to comply

Which internet browsers do we support?

The following internet browsers are supported. Earlier versions may work, however we recommend you upgrade to one of these browsers to get the most out of our website.

·  nternet Explorer 6 or above

·   Firefox 2 or above

Why doesn’t your search recognise the postcode I typed in?

The most common reason for this is misspellings. Double check your postcode to make you spelt it correctly. If you believe a postcode should be recognised and it is not, please contact us

Can I search using more criteria than what you have listed?

We do not currently include more specific criteria in our search because agents tell us that many people eventually buy properties that are not quite what they originally specified. As such, we've found it better to present more generic results which include properties that users may not have originally considered.

What should I do if I want more information about one of the properties I’ve seen on your site or to arrange a viewing?

Propermove is not itself an Estate Agent. We only display the properties provided to us by our subscribing members. We recommend that you contact the estate agent or developer who is marketing the property if you require further information. The agent’s contact details are both on the search results page and on the property details page. You can call the phone number provided.

I asked for details on a property but haven’t heard anything yet. What should I do?

We’re sorry that the agent or developer you contacted has not promptly replied to your request. We are constantly working with our members to insure that they quickly respond to queries. The best way to make sure your queries are answered immediately is by calling the agent directly.

Why is my house still online when it has been sold?

If you have exchanged contracts but not yet completed on your purchase, your home could still appear on the site as "Sold, Subject to contract". If you have completed contracts, then your home should no longer appear on the site. If this is the case, please contact your agent nd make sure s/he updates the status of your home on Propermove.

The details of my house on are incorrect. What should I do?

We receive all property details directly from our members. It is best to contact your agent directly to inform them of the errors in the description.

Can I sell my home privately through Propermove?

Propermove does not allow private sales. As part of our commitment to our users, we only work through estate agents because they are covered by the Estate Agency Act 1979 and the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991, which requires them to be truthful in their advertising about property and affords protection to both buyer and seller.

4c. I have a question that is not covered here, how do I get an answer?

To contact us please click email or call 07546 159044




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